In 2010, the workshop for the conversion of the former Skaiteks factory took place. Generated ideas began to materialize in the spring of 2017 when developers revived the stalled project. The district is being created as part of the Park of Architecture project, which is a large-scale conversion project that transforms old capital areas into harmonious zones for work and living. By elaborating on the initial ideas we continue to rely on the history and context of the site. During the postwar period, the plot was dominated by a large industrial building and a small wooden hut on the opposite sides. These two very distinct buildings inspired the whole concept of the site. While maintaing the old spatial composition additional buildings were designed. Such as a market with a covered roof, outdoor terraces, cafes, shops, studios, and offices thus making space appear more like an old town. However, keeping in mind that it's a former factory, the materials, details of the facades and building technologies are selected to render the industrial feel to environs.

Name Paupys
Purpose Conversion of industrial quarter
Location Aukštaičių / Paupio str.
Overground 17300 m2
Underground 13200 m2
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Rasa Ambrasienė, Justas Jankauskas, Karolina Galvydytė