The idea of the book was born while preparing for the exhibition 21 Model, which we presented in Kaunas architectural festival KAFe. Then was considered to archive and publish all collected material about office works as a book ­ album. Together with the book presentation, there was an opening of the exhibition "21 Model" and architectural tour through the arts centre Rupert. In order to purchase a paper format contact us via email


Book information:

Editor: Dovilė Krikščiūnaitė

Designers: Zigmantas Butautis, Dovilė Krikščiūnaitė

Translator: Gabrielė Gailiūtė

Language editors: Gintarė Petuchovaitė ir Joseph Everatt

Published by: LAPAS

The publication of this book has been supported by Schuco, KG Constructions, Paroc.

Works 1998-2014