The bank is the first office building in the newly shaped block, and is a unique interpretation of the planned urban/architectural block concept. The building was created to be open and inviting, and involving both visitors and employees. It consists of two separate 10-storey volumes, connected by a transparent vertical unit. The volumes are covered by a rectangular single storey roof slab on the top. The free area under the roof creates a new kind of space. This space attempts to blur the boundaries between the inside and the outside, to create pleasant surroundings and a comfortable and smooth entrance to the bank from the outside space. Also, the outdoor space of Skanstes street seems to be ‘sucked in’ under the roof plane, and in spite of the short front of the building, it creates a spatial connection with the busy Skanstes street.

Name DnB
Purpose Bank headquarters
Location Skanstes str. 12, Riga, Latvia
Area 14 445 m2
Competition 2007
Project 2007-2008
Construction 2008-2010
Client Skanstes 12, SIA
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Mindaugas Reklaitis, Monika Sriubaitė
Interior design XYZ, Ltd.

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