The architectural concept is undoubtedly related to the location of the site and it's proximity to the Nemunas river. The Lower Freda territory is dominated by industrial buildings along the river, cutting off the access to the riverbanks. Therefore, the attempt of the project was to create both – visual and functional – connections to the waterfront. The green, naturally formed riverbank and it's constantly changing silhouettes (in contrast to the concrete embankments of the opposite side) is considered as the main value of the site. Accordingly, the building designed is divided in 4 overground volumes - each directing towards the river as well as evoking an allusion of a ship. Although the territory permits notably intense height of buildings (up to 100 m), we do not exceed 18,4 meters in height in order to create a calm architectural silhouette with sloping roofs getting lower towards the water.

Name Freda
Purpose Business centre
Location H. ir O. Minkovskių str. 87, Kaunas
Area 27 057 m2
Overground 16 940 m2
Underground 10 117 m2
Project 2015
Client UAB Aleksoto Gelžbetonis
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vika Pranaitytė, Jonas Motiejūnas

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