The present bridge is built in 1952 replacing the original Green Bridge destroyed during the war. The question of removing the sculptures as signs of the painful history is being widely discussed in public. The supporters of the removal stress the ideological content of the sculptures while the preservers claim the artistic values and unity of the bridge as an architectural object. How do we neutralize the ideological pathos carried by the sculptures and preserve the architectural unity of the bridge at the same time? While the “yes-or-no” discussion goes on, the “Reduction of Sculptures” project suggests taking a look at the issue from a different angle. The steel structure proposed stands on the stone base and does not the touch the sculptures. It suggests the sculptures a value of a museum-piece as well as an allusion to a container: as if they were ready for the removal. The project was created as apart of the “Vilnius Street Art” festival and was to be exposed for 3 months. However, it has been rejected by the Vilnius city municipality, pending for some “more quiet times”.

Name Green Bridge
Purpose Reduction of sculptures
Location The Green Bridge, Vilnius
Area 4 m2
Project 2014
Architects Audrius Ambrasas

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Green Bridge