The idea is to reshape the existing square by the wharf as the centre of Juodkrantė. New harbour buildings (a sailing club, restaurant) form the northern edge of the square. Nearby, there is a bus stop and a school. This combination of new volumes could improve the urban space of the area, and the harbour could easily later be expanded south of the present wharf. The new harbor building is in the form of a sculpture. It reflects the shape of the landscape of the Curonian Spit and the silhouettes of ships. It is like another sculpture in the sculpture park on the shore of the Curonian Lagoon. Consultant for the project - Andrius Končius. Competition, 2nd prize.

Name Juodkrantė
Purpose Harbour
Location Juodkrantė
Area 697 m2
Competition 2007
Client Neringa Municipality Administration
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Mindaugas Reklaitis, Jurgis Jurevičius

Downloads Harbour