The volume of the K14A business center building forms the eastern southeastern slope of the new Vilnius city center architectural hill and creates a visual connection with the Flow high-rise building under construction in the north-eastern part of the hill. Rapolo Church. The ascending pedestrian passage towards the church focuses on the church’s signature tower and leads to a public space on the roof with a magnificent view of the old town. The projected volume clearly forms Konstitucijos ave. And L.Kačinskio st. perimeter, gently rising towards the center of the hill and descending towards St. Rapolo churches. The varying rhythm of the facades evokes the architecture of the buildings of the seventies and at the same time unambiguously marks the eastern edge of the hill, creating the background for the chaotic building between Kalvarijų st. and the plot in question. compact building volume, rational layout, interior spaces with maximum light from natural light, embossed shading facade with integrated blinds - these are the main sustainable architectural solutions. Invited international competition.

Name K14A
Purpose Office
Location Konstitucijos pr. 14A
Area 28 807 m2
Overground 18 871 m2
Underground 9 936 m2
Competition 2022
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Olga Savickienė, Jurgis Vaišvila
Visualisations Ivas Bagdonavičius