The new multi-purpose complex in the former harbour of Patarei and Lennusädam takes into consideration the development of four different themes: greenery, wood, water and stone. The basic urban structure of the area consists of four functional zones along the coastline: the spa centre (greenery), the harbour (wood), the museum (water), and the ministry (stone). Each consists of two elements, the object as the functional nucleus, and the surrounding space. In the first zone, the Patarei defence structure is surrounded by peacefulness and nature. The second zone is intended for active recreation, and is also the connection between the city and the harbour mall. The third is dominated by the Estonian Sea Museum, with an outdoor exhibition. And the fourth contains the Ministry of Justice and the courts. All these parts and the surrounding area are connected by the waterfront promenade. Competition, 4th prize.

Name Lennusädam
Purpose Harbour Conversion and Court Complex
Location Patarei and Lennusädam port, Tallinn, Estonia
Area 14 ha
Competition 2007
Client State Real Estate, Ltd.
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Mindaugas Reklaitis, Mantas Olšauskas, Jurgis Jurevičius

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