The Latvian National Art Museum is a clear architectural landmark in the town centre. The extension and improvements aim to preserve the architectural understanding of the historic building, and at the same time to give a new impetus to the park and revitalise the museum. Turning the museum towards the park and the centre of the town is the main planning change, in order to connect the public space of the park with the function of a cultural museum. The extension is shaped by the existing urban and pathway systems, and by pedestrian flows. Its rectangular outline is determined by the structure of the historic museum and by the urban structure, but is ‘eaten through’ by the green Esplanade Park system. One of the most important components is the proposed ‘Equestrian Avenue’. The new entrance is from the park side, but the museum can be reached through the roof terrace from the corner of Kr. Valdemara and Elizabetes streets. Competition, 3rd prize.

Purpose Extension of the Latvian National Art Museum
Location Kr. Valdemara Str. 10A, Riga, Latvia
Area 10 400 m2
Competition 2011
Client Riga City Property Department
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Mindaugas Reklaitis, Marius Bliujus, Vilius Juknevičius

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