The site is to the south of Riga on Lucavsala Island. The whole island is currently a free territory with a road bridge crossing it. According to the master plan, the pending construction site is a part of the urban edge, facing the road bridge (Salu Tilts). The building consists of three basic elements: two towers and a base. According to the planning concept, the base combines public space and greenery. It works like a big ramp rising up towards Salu Tilts, creating an artificial landscape, and lifting the two towers to the level of the bridge. In this way, the base and Salu Tilts create a continuous relief line. The towers ‘sit’ in greenery on the base and determine its deformations. The heart of the project is a public space on the base. As a zone for meeting, relaxing, working and playing, it is an area free of transport and surrounded by greenery. Two tower entrances, a restaurant and conference halls face the square, and enliven the public space. Competition, 2nd prize.

Name Lucavsala
Purpose offices
Location Lucavsala island, Riga, Latvia
Area 50 000 m2
Competition 2006
Client Merks, Ltd.
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Mindaugas Reklaitis, Monika Sriubaitė

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