Modern Art Center - an exceptional phenomenon in Lithuania, therefore, we believe that it deserves a separate, clearly identified building. Compactness, flexibility, ability to change plan configuration are necessary for office buildings, so it's much easier to be implemented in a separate building, but not over the exceptional features – Modern Art Center. West side of Pylimo str. doesn't have clearly formed perimeter. The movie theater with large space in front of it formed a local image for a long time. Designing two buildings crumbling perimeter of Pylimo str. is creating. The public space around them is like the mood footprint of the former area. Two buildings smoothly integrate into the surroundings - office building connects to the adjacent buildings, and the MMC building becomes the main public space at the 'Dirty alley' formant. MMC volume - regular rectangular plan configuration which allows to have clear and necessary facilities.

Name MMC 2
Purpose Modern art center and office building
Location Pylimo Str. 17, Vilnius
Area 7 802 m2
Competition 2014
Client LKT projektai
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Jonas Motiejūnas, Vika Pranaitytė

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