It seemed that the debate about Lukiškės Square was over and everyone should just accustom themselves to the new image. But a new wave of discussions about possible types of monuments aroused old thoughts about the proper design for the square. About a decade ago during the creative workshop, we proposed to form a square with significant buildings, while embodying the memorial role in the space across the square in Aukų Street (eng. Victims street). After 20 years of searching for the best solution, it has been come to the decision that a very high monument will usurp the whole the square and obscure churches towers or low and horizontal composition will disapear in the vast space. By displacing the monument across the square, on the axis of the Victims st. we would create an obelisk like structure that could be treaded like a chapel or an altar. This could be a place where one could stop for a moment, raise a head to the sky, while looking through the Cross of Vytis shaped opening, think about the sacrifice of Lithuanian freedom fighters.

Name Monument
Location Auku g., Vilnius
Sketch 2017
Architects Audrius Ambrasas
Visualisations Justas Jankauskas