The active community of residents of Pavilnys has a vision to build a new house on the site of the old library and initiated an architectural competition for that purpose. We proposed three houses, which, together with the courtyards inserted between them, connect the surroundings of Garsiasioji Street and the historical center of Pavilnys in the north with the newly created public space in the depth of the block and with the massifs of collective gardens stretching further, on the southern side. The building consists of separate single-slope buildings that house different functions that meet the needs of the community. A part of building A would be occupied by a room dedicated to the needs of the ward, and the other part, oriented towards the street, could be used for commerce. In building B, there would be a multi-purpose hall with rooms for rehearsals, dressing rooms and sanitary units. The planned outdoor amphitheater on the south side of this building would allow the rehearsal and dressing room to be conveniently used for organizing outdoor events in the summer. The first floor of building C is dedicated to the children's room, and the second floor to the quiet space of the library. The glass gallery connecting the buildings ensures convenient access to the Community House both from the street and from the side of the public space. The housings are arranged in such a way that cozy outdoor spaces - courtyards - appear next to them. Calm volumes of different heights and lengths create a dynamic composition, so the building does not look "cluttered". Raised in different directions, the roof planes form both the silhouette of the building and the cozy interior spaces. The openwork of facades and roofs made of horizontal elements of fired glazed clay reduces the volume of the building and dissolves it against the background of tree trunks. The seamless decoration of the facades and the roof transforms the volumes of ordinary shapes into exceptional ones, and the green finishing glaze of the library body is reminiscent of the old green library house. Competition, first place.
Comunnity House
Garsioji 3, Vilnius
780 m2
Vilniaus vystymo kompanija
Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė
Simas Novikas
Ivas Bagdonavičius