The bus-stop and the overlook is a part of the continuous project “Architectural stops in the Curonian Spit”. The „PERISCOPE“, lifting the observer to the level of the heads of the trees, invites one to admire the landscape from a rather unusual, detached spot. In such way the fragility of the environment as well as the need for a sensitive approach is emphasized. The overlook platform, enclosing the observer, displays an enframed fragment of the landscape, leaving a clear picture in one's memory. Such structure might mark the most sensitive parts of the reservation area, proposing a notably cautious, non-physical connection. The unpretentious structure, consisting of wooden truss and thermo timber, - maintains the fundamental signs of the place: textures, smells, pellucidity. BUS-STOP in Juodkrantė is found between the L. Rėzos street and the coastline; the user – between the bus-stop and the street. The attempt to turn the dividing element into conjunctive provided the object it's shape: the terraced eastern side of the bus-stop suggests overlooking the water once again. The chosen materials are steel construction for the sake of stability and thermo timber stair-terraces for comfort. The Juodkrantė bus-stop was recognized as the best work for the first stage of the “Architectural stops in the Curonian Spit” project.

Name Stops
Purpose A bus-stop and an overlook
Location Juodkrantė
Area 14 m2
Workshop 2015
Client Architect's Algimantas Zaviša Charity and Support Fund
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Rasa Ambrasienė, Jonas Motiejūnas

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