The creative industries center is located at Valakampiai suburb, next to Neris river. The site of a shop beside a former bus terminus, the leisure environment and the mystery of creativity were the main inspirations. The wood finish makes the building dissolve visually into the pine forest, and the only break in the facade allows visitors to look at the artists’ world as if through a keyhole. The ground floor accommodates a multipurpose hall, a reading-room and a management office. The basement features a space for computer-art workshops. Artists’ studios on the second floor surround the main axis of the building. Two types of studios are designed: with an outdoor terrace, and with a mezzanine inside. The second-floor corridor opens on to a meadow. The ceiling of the basement and the first floor are made from 12-metre-long prefabricated reinforced concrete panels. The second-floor supporting structure is a steel profile framework. Heat-treated pine boards are used for the facade finish, and bleached pine paneling for the interiors.

Name Pakrantė
Purpose Creative industries center
Location Vaidilutės str. 79, Vilnius
Area 2 096 m2
Project 2011
Construction 2012-2013
Client VŠĮ Šiuolaikinio meno asociacija
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Mindaugas Reklaitis
Structure Adomas Sabaliauskas, Domas Amolevičius

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