Site for the construction of Tautos namai was bought according to the idea of members from Lithuanian modern culture creators association using money donated by the society. According to the precise site plan, dated year 1926, the site was located in the eastern side of the hill. There are archived historical photos with Lithuanian science association members standing at the exact spot. Soviet Trade-union culture palace were built on the other site – the center of Tauras hill top. Their construction required excavation of the the hill's peak and destruction of the part of evangelical cemetery. To built a new and modern building of Tautos namai in the site of former Soviet monument and using a piece of old cemetery theritory again is not an acceptable choice according to our values. We propose an idea of building as a link between historical site on the eastern part of the hill top and city center at the base. In this way Tauras hill park is naturally merged with green area of former Evangelical lutheran cemetery. Terrain of the hill is highlightened by building integrated into it. Historical construction site is represented by a significant volume for education and exhibitions of Tautos namai. Building position and integration in the site makes all of the concert hall entrances easily accessible for the visitors arriving to the builing with public transport, also – for the disabled visitors as there is no need for an exterior elevator to reach the hill top, interior elevator would raise them to the sightseeing terrace on the rooftop of the building which is at the same level as the hill top. On the hill top, natural terrain is restored and Tauras hill peak is converted into a democtratic sightseeing site designated to everyone, not only the visitors of the concert hall. The green hill is a landmark itself.

Purpose National Concert Hall
Location Vilnius, Tauro kalnas
Area 16 000
Competition 2019
Client Vilnius City
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Justas Jankauskas, Karolina Galvydytė, Olga Runovič

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