Because of the two bank projects we had already realised (Swedbank in Vilnius and DnB Nord in Riga), we were invited to participate in the biggest architectural competition in Georgia since independence. TBC, Georgia’s largest bank, wantED to adapt a Soviet military headquarters building, in order to open a branch, along with a business centre and a space for modern art, providing the business-oriented nucleus with a cultural dimension. We suggested not being too radical about the architectural logic of the building, but to make it more human by creating public and recreational spaces inside and outside. The centre of the volume is cut through with a high connecting atrium, and the main entrance is extended into the courtyard, where it becomes a hanging six metres high terrace. The horizontal division of the building is preserved, but interrupted by square loggias. After winning the 1 prize at the competition, the more detailed project was prepared.

Name TBC
Purpose Bank headquarters
Location University str. 2, Tbilisi, Georgia
Area 43 000 m2
Competition 2012
Client TBC Bank
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vika Pranaitytė, Jonas Motiejūnas, Rasa Saltonaitė, Dovilė Krikščiūnaitė
Visualisations Valdas Janulevičius

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