The architectural idea for the link between the Vingis park and Litexpo territory is based on the natural principles : creatures as well as human beings move in curved trajectories when not restrained by urban environment; plant structures evolve to be in harmony with the elements - tree trunks, branches and leaves are just large enough to ensure the basic needs, without any excessive matter. The chosen suspension bridge structure with two pylons on the Vingis park side allowed to span the river Neris with a minimal invasion into the landscape and to preserve the natural space of the valley, without disturbing it by underwater supports nor by a bulky structure. The asymmetric pylons on the upper bank at the Vingis park organically merge with the trunks of lofty pine trees, at the same time serving as a landmark marking the entrance to the Vingis park. Competition, 3 rd place

Name Vingis Bridge
Purpose Bridge for Pedestrians and Cyclists
Competition 2019
Client Vilnius City
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Vilma Adomonytė, Justas Jankauskas
Structure Andreas Keil, Povilas Ambrasas, sbp
Project manager INHUS engineering

Downloads Vingio tiltas
Vingis Bridge