In Ancient Greece beauty and integrity of physical actions performed by athletes were valued as much as their sport achievements. Architecture of 'Žirmūnų maniežas' sports hall is focused on that integrity and carries a message that beautiful and harmonious space can inspire athletes to achieve higher results in sports. Big extend of the building is solved by separating it into two ductile volumes, which naturally merges into the background of Antakalnis hills, highlights the curve of Žirmūnai street and respectfully descends to Tuskulėnai manor ensemble. Using the advantage of natural Neris river valley terrain height crossing, building is designed with two separate entances – one from Žirmūnai street and another from pedestrian and bicycle route in Neris river side. This ensures comfortable accessibility of the building for daily visitors and special occasions. Covering of sports halls are designed using glued timber bearing structures. Open and clean space of manege is created by perpendicular trusses, arranged to the contour of the hall with a skylight in the middle to ensure natural daylight. Roofing of the training hall is supported by two main beams, which also divide the hall spatially into separate sectors. Volumes of manege and training halls are connected with a center hall containing reception, exhibition space, cafeteria and a terrace with panoramic views to Neris river valley and Antakalnis hills.

Name Žirmūnų maniežas
Purpose Track and Field Athletic indoor
Location Vilnius, Žirmūnai
Area 9800 m2
Competition 2020
Client Vilnius Development Company
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Olga Runovič, Justas Jankauskas, Karolina Galvydytė
Structure Povilas Ambrasas

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Žirmūnų maniežas