On the eve of 100 year anniversary of Lithuanian independence, an incredible Monument of light, devoted to all contributors on independence struggle has stroke a great beam of light reaching all the way up to the sky. The monument of light embodies ideas of Lithuanian independence, unity and resistance. The beam of light itself has been projected by the four great lamps, brought by our sponsors directly from Germany. On the 15th of February, as part of the installation, light had lit falling snowflakes creating a magical effect of light flowing down from the sky.

The realisation of this idea has been funded by ten enthusiast artists and businessmen. Installation marks a place of the monument project, announced in the beginning of 2018.


LT100, 2018 February 15 - 16 d.17.40 - 24.00, Aukų str. , Vilnius.

The very first beam of light has been captured and broadcasted by National radio of Lithuania , and announced by the bell ring of St. Philip and Jacob church (thank you Jurgis Pauliukas)
Lighting devices - 4x Space Cannon IREOS Pro, 7kW, 350 000 lm, lamps, mass - 173 kg, 100x80x140(h) cm, (used first time ever in Lithuania)
Technical service - Scenos Techninis Servisas / StS

Photographs - Norbert Tukaj