Vilnius Old Town is also characterized by unique, unexpectedly opening spaces and perspectives. The proposed new building continues this tradition - courtyards of different configurations naturally blend with both the natural and the surrounding urban environment. They connect visually, but have clear boundaries. This arrangement of volumes together allows the apartments to be formed in such a way that they are maximally insulated and offer great views through their windows. The value of the home is determined not only by the view through the window, but also by the space that comes to the door, so we offer to form a diverse building around the pedestrian path, connecting the two newly created public spaces. Using the overlap of relief heights in both plots, a plinth floor is designed, on which different types of buildings are placed. The architectural expression of the developed complex could be described in one word - balanced, and the impression of luxury should be enhanced by the precise quality of realization. Changing spaces are formed by regular calm volumes. Finishing of all facades is yellow brick masonry with plaster rubbing.

Name Aštrusis
Purpose Housing block
Location Žiupronių g. 7,9
Area 4923 m2
Overground 5679 m2
Underground 2751 m2
Competition 2022
Client Releven
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Rasa Ambrasienė, Vilma Adomonytė, Olga Savickienė, Jurgis Vaišvila
Visualisations Ivas Bagdonavičius