This location is an important one: it is at the historic and current northern entrance into the city, below the green hills of Šeškinė, and the plot is on a slope. The realization of the project hardly differs at all from the original sketch: the three low volumes seem to hang dynamically on asymmetrically branching columns, as if reflecting the relief. The first and the fourth levels are indented, leaving only two storeys to function visually, and green slopes with natural stone form the small spaces between the volumes. The decoration of the first-floor ceiling slab and the shell-shaped roof parapet, which are cast in concrete, are important architectural details. All the structural components are hidden, and the ground floor is neatly organised. The successful and high-quality realization of the project depended a great deal on the understanding with and the financial capabilities of the client.

Name Baltic Hearts
Purpose Business centre
Location Ukmergės str. 120, Vilnius
Area 20 000 m2
Project 2007-2008
Construction 2008-2014
Client UAB Baltic Hearts
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Donatas Malinauskas
Team Mindaugas Reklaitis, Rasa Ambrasienė, Jonas Motiejūnas, Vika Pranaitytė
Structure Darius Selevičius, UAB Konstrukcijų projektai

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Baltic Hearts