This curved villa is situated in a striking landscape, on a slope above the river on the outskirts of Vilnius. The landscape influenced most the architectural solution. The first impression suggests that the building appears from the ground, and vanishes somewhere in the surroundings. The slight curve of the building shapes both the inner yard, with a magnificent view of the landscape, and the half-blind outer facade that protects the occupants from the curiosity of neighbours. The plan resembles a spiral, and at the top is a dining-room with a huge skylight over the entire centre. Other parts of the house are arranged along the spiral: the living-room and outer terraces, the master bedroom, and, further along the axis, children’s rooms, a kitchen, a garage and auxiliary premises. The idea of the naturally nestling house was purposely strengthened by choosing concrete imprinted with wooden planks, and copper parts for windows, as facade materials.

Name Vila N
Purpose Residential house
Location Laurų str., Vilnius
Area 465 m2
Project 2005
Construction 2006-2007
Client UAB Sturnus
Architects Audrius Ambrasas, Rasa Ambrasienė
Structure Jurgis Sidaravičius, Bronius Žymantas

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